Ep 065 - Live In The Moment

Ep 065 - Live In The Moment, Steve Mittman, Tim Hoover, Bernie Garber

If you’re going to listen to only one episode, this might be the one to “reset” the way you view your life. Our guest — Life Coach, Dr Bernie — explains how the only true reality is the present moment. Hear why he says every moment of every day is your chance to be “reborn.” He shares his “closet story” along with what he’s determined to be our purpose here on earth. Other key takeaways include:

  • The importance of being a good soul and helping others

  • If there’s something you don’t like about yourself — you can change — right now

  • Why most of us don't know how to activate what we already have in our possession

  • Once you learn to activate your innate knowledge you will understand your existence

  • Time is an illusion; you can’t hold on to anything; all you have is the moment — and in that moment you can change

  • The past is gone, it’s in the “quicksand of time” — it holds nothing over you, and has no relevance other than memories

  • Everybody makes mistakes; the beauty of living in the moment is those mistakes are in the past; learn from them and move on — because you have no other choice anyway

Do you have any suggestions or ways you’ve found that help you be more “in the moment?”

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Ep 064 - Never Stop Expanding

Ep 064 - Never Stop Expanding, Steve Mittman, Tim Hoover

Previously we’ve talked about the connection between fear and courage along with the importance of getting comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Today Tim and Steve talk about the recent competition Steve took part in — the results, thoughts on it, and what we all can take from it. Key takeaways from their discussion include:

  • You cannot expand unless you root

  • One also needs depth of root (depth of experience) in order to expand

  • Never stop expanding — experiences, friendships, knowledge, relationships, love, etc

  • When you have to engage and move forward you can't fall back — you must root first and then move forward

ep 064 - competition is good.jpg

Give us an example of a time when you relied on your experience and moved forward to tackle a situation. Tell us in the comments or reach out to us privately!

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Ep 063 - Rituals and Traditions

Ep 063 - Rituals and Traditions

We talk about customs, rituals, and traditions. Every society, every culture, every religion, and every nation has them. Many of us have our individual rituals. The martial arts run deep with rituals. Most rituals — if performed regularly and properly — improve our lives, keeping us on track. However, too much of a good thing sometimes can be bad, especially if the ritual isn’t relevant any longer.

  • Challenge and question rituals to see if they make sense

  • The key to a good ritual is awareness of how it's affecting you and those around you

  • Be aware of your absolutes and priorities — keeping in mind where these rituals rank

What rituals do you have? Are there any that you’ve allowed to get out of hand?

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Ep 062 - He puts the "C" in Consistency

Personal Fitness Trainer Clarence Cook

Clarence Cook is a well-known personal trainer in Allentown, PA. Anyone that knows him knows he is a stand-up guy — the perfect example of what our podcast is about. He attacks life, not others. He consistently trains and maintains things that are meaningful to him. Faith, family, and friends are of paramount importance in his life.

“C” has been taking care of himself in order to help others around him consistently for many decades. And just like Tim and Steve spoke about last week — not surprisingly, C is also thankful for what he has been given from family members no longer here. You’ll benefit by hearing what he has to say:

After 33 years of being the Fitness Director at the Jewish Community Center of the Lehigh Valley, Clarence currently offers private personal fitness training. For those interested in his services you may get in touch through his Facebook page.

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Ep 061 - Rank Up, Refine Yourself

ep 061 - rank up, refine yourself

“They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.” — Carl W Buehner

In this touching episode, Tim and Steve talk about people in their lives that have had long-term influences on them. Those that have a person (or people) like that are fortunate. We should strive to refine ourselves regularly to honor them.

  • Like some batteries, sometimes we need to be depleted in order to recharge or refine

  • You can’t be ordinary and do the extraordinary

In the martial arts we have “rank-ups” — when students work towards the next belt level. Sensei Hoover explains that can be interchanged with the term “refine up.” However, unlike ranking up that occurs every couple years, we should strive to refine up daily.

better today than yesterday

Who in your life has inspired you? Is there someone from your past or present that you strive to be like? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Ep 060 - Firearms and Gun Safety

Ep 060 - Firearms and Gun Safety

Our guest, Gary Shankweiler is a martial artist and an NRA Certified Instructor with over 50 years of experience with firearms. Keeping politics out of it — whether or not you are a proponent of more gun control laws, the fact is the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." That being the case, if you’re purchasing a gun you MUST take it seriously. Our talk includes the following and more:

  • What to do before you purchase a pistol for self-defense

  • Some factors you should consider before choosing a firearm

  • How to safely and responsibly handle and store firearms in your home

For those living in and around the Lehigh Valley area, Gary offers an Introduction to Firearms course as part of HKA’s Streetwise Self-Defense Seminars.

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Ep 059 - The Way of The Warrior

Ep 059 - The Way of The Warrior

It was on this date — March 21st — one year ago that we launched Attack Life, Not Others. By now you know there are several principles that much of what we talk about is based on. One of those fundamentals is the way of the peaceful warrior. There are many things outside our control. Often all we can control is not letting anyone steal our peace. On this episode we talk about that and more, including:

  • What is the martial arts mindset?

  • Why is it important for everyone to have?

  • How can we get better at “fighting the fight?”

  • As a warrior you become strong for yourself, for your family, and for others

  • We should strive to be constantly aware — not to be paranoid, but to be aware

  • With better awareness we have more time and space to effectively handle situations

After listening to Tim’s story of purchasing the DVD at Best Buy, do you have a similar story where you kicked yourself because you wish you handled something with a better response?

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