Ep 062 - He puts the "C" in Consistency

Personal Fitness Trainer Clarence Cook

Clarence Cook is a well-known personal trainer in Allentown, PA. Anyone that knows him knows he is a stand-up guy — the perfect example of what our podcast is about. He attacks life, not others. He consistently trains and maintains things that are meaningful to him. Faith, family, and friends are of paramount importance in his life.

“C” has been taking care of himself in order to help others around him consistently for many decades. And just like Tim and Steve spoke about last week — not surprisingly, C is also thankful for what he has been given from family members no longer here. You’ll benefit by hearing what he has to say:

After 33 years of being the Fitness Director at the Jewish Community Center of the Lehigh Valley, Clarence currently offers private personal fitness training. For those interested in his services you may get in touch through his Facebook page.

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