Ep 052 - You Absolutely Must Listen To This

Ep 052.jpg

In Episode 047 we talked about eliminating the word “almost” in order to become better, stronger people and have greater relationships. On this episode we talk about the opposite. It’s good to be aware of absolutes in life. With absolutes, we feel secure, safe, and strong. They are black and white, there are no gray areas. Absolutes are foundations we can lean on — pillars upon which we can build our lives. They provide a framework for everything else.

Realize what you absolutely feel and know to be true. These absolutes will be your priorities. Your priorities will be valuable to you. Because they are valuable, you need to maintain them so they don’t lose that value. In turn, these absolutes in your life will guide you in the right direction and serve you well.

“Are you absolutely sure there are no absolutes?” — Patrick Friar

What absolutes do you know to be true? How many do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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