Ep 059 - The Way of The Warrior

Ep 059 - The Way of The Warrior

It was on this date — March 21st — one year ago that we launched Attack Life, Not Others. By now you know there are several principles that much of what we talk about is based on. One of those fundamentals is the way of the peaceful warrior. There are many things outside our control. Often all we can control is not letting anyone steal our peace. On this episode we talk about that and more, including:

  • What is the martial arts mindset?

  • Why is it important for everyone to have?

  • How can we get better at “fighting the fight?”

  • As a warrior you become strong for yourself, for your family, and for others

  • We should strive to be constantly aware — not to be paranoid, but to be aware

  • With better awareness we have more time and space to effectively handle situations

After listening to Tim’s story of purchasing the DVD at Best Buy, do you have a similar story where you kicked yourself because you wish you handled something with a better response?

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Ep 056 - What Is Your Passion? What Is Your Purpose?

Ep 056 - What Is Your Passion? What Is Your Purpose? Anthony Droz

“The key to life is service; not to a device, but to your home and humanity.”

“We each have a choice to make when confronted with hardship, but what we do before that can make it easier.” — Anthony Droz

On last week’s episode we talked about how our human hands are used in many ways — for both destructive and peaceful purposes. On today’s episode Tim Hoover and Steve Mittman are honored to have Marine Corps Veteran Anthony Droz from Outward Bound as their special guest. Some amazing and profound topics are discussed, some of which include:

  • Energy vampires and positive-energy providers

  • Why and how you’re actually hurting someone if you enable them to be unhappy

  • The “warrior ethos” — what it isn’t — and feeling secure and comfortable in your skin

  • The martial arts are NOT about getting “banged up” — rethink your training if that’s your take on it

  • How and why you must maintain the warrior ethos, otherwise you lose it — as the case with anything important in life

  • Who does Anthony believe was mentally, physically, and spiritually evolved in a way that we, today, can not even fathom

  • Proof of how responsibility, challenge, and adversity leads to one becoming stronger mentally and physically — and creates confident, self-reliant individuals

  • We’ve talked before about the importance of embracing being uncomfortable; Anthony further reminds us of how that’s the place where we learn to grow and thrive

  • The concept of the different belts in the martial arts — changing color and leading up to a black belt by itself — simply by training and being engaged with the elements

  • Why keeping a fire is similar in many ways to finding, nurturing, and continually pursuing your purpose here in this world — “What is your passion? What is your purpose?”

After listening to this episode, what are your thoughts on the words "transference" and "experience?" What single word would you use to sum up this experience we call life?

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Ep 055 - Using Our Hands and Meaningful Relationships

Ep 055 - Using Our Hands and Meaningful Relationships

Here are some of the topics on this episode:

  • Faith, family, and friends

  • The definition of “martial arts”

  • Strength through relationships, tribes, and “villages”

  • Keeping life simple — learning what’s real and what’s not

  • Human hands are used in many ways and for many purposes

  • Our hands can be used in a destructive way or in a peaceful manner

  • Life is chaotic — we're on a “collision course” all the time — whether we like it or not

  • Some of these “collisions” are good, some aren’t — but the better we get in navigating through life’s chaos, the better off we will be

  • Communication in society today is structured where we are being removed from direct, immediate contact to avoid "bumping" into people

  • While sometimes a situation calls for the avoidance of chaos, doing it all the time destroys our ability to effectively handle adversity when it arrives

  • Discussion on the words "transference" and "experience" while previewing next week's episode with Marine Corps Veteran Anthony Droz from Outward Bound

Tell us about a fantastic experience you’ve had that you did not plan.

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Ep 052 - You Absolutely Must Listen To This

Ep 052.jpg

In Episode 047 we talked about eliminating the word “almost” in order to become better, stronger people and have greater relationships. On this episode we talk about the opposite. It’s good to be aware of absolutes in life. With absolutes, we feel secure, safe, and strong. They are black and white, there are no gray areas. Absolutes are foundations we can lean on — pillars upon which we can build our lives. They provide a framework for everything else.

Realize what you absolutely feel and know to be true. These absolutes will be your priorities. Your priorities will be valuable to you. Because they are valuable, you need to maintain them so they don’t lose that value. In turn, these absolutes in your life will guide you in the right direction and serve you well.

“Are you absolutely sure there are no absolutes?” — Patrick Friar

What absolutes do you know to be true? How many do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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Ep 045 - Consistency Dictates Results

We talk about the importance of good choices, good practices, and quality rituals.

  • The definition of a ritual is: “An act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.” Another way of saying “regularly repeated” could be consistent.

  • Two things that help us become more consistent are leadership and fellowship.

  • Even though consistency is so powerful, results are not able to be observed right away. And because we are hardwired to seek instant gratification (especially in today’s world), it is often difficult to maintain and sustain being consistent.

  • Being consistent means you commit yourself to a task, activity, or goal — and to stay engaged without distraction over the long-term. It sounds very simple, but it's not easy. And although it's not easy, it simply works. It's the most important factor in leading to accomplishment and success.

  • Hear some of our suggestions on how to become consistent in making wise choices and developing beneficial habits.


“What You Do Every Day Matters More Than What You Do Once In a While” — Gretchen Rubin

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” — Tony Robbins

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” — Tony Robbins


What do you do consistently that makes your life better? Tell us in the comments.

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Ep 044 - Relationship, Leadership, Hardship

Out of an impromptu talk with a teenage black belt came the discussion for this episode:

    It’s important to cultivate REAL relationships. People are in our lives either for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Learn the difference.

    Leadership is like an arrow. The arrow’s tip (the leader) must have mass behind it (quality relationships), otherwise it’s nothing. Find good leaders and mentors (ones with no hidden agendas). Follow them and emulate them.

    Realize that not only WILL you fail, you NEED to fail in order to grow. Endure hardship. Know that there WILL be suffering at times. We must learn and grow (mentally, physically, and/or spiritually) from failure and suffering. Last week we talked about remaining calm to “weather the storm.”

Here’s the video “The Millennial Question” from Simon Sinek that we talk about:

Tell us about a relationship (good or bad) that has changed your life. Is there/was there a strong leader that you learned from? What hardship changed you and made you grow as a person? Tell us in the comments.

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Ep 043 - Martial Arts Philosophy Applied in Everyday Life with Sensei Tim Spiess

If you’ve heard our show before you’ll know we use principles from the martial arts as the foundation for discussion, but in a way so that the concepts can be appreciated by everyone — even those who are NOT martial artists. Our show is intended for anyone who’s looking to live a healthier, cleaner, more vibrant, fulfilling life and become a better, stronger person.

We continue to follow that format, however, if you ARE a martial artist you’ll really appreciate this episode. Sensei Tim Speiss, who is also a federal agent, is another very experienced, accomplished martial artist. He and Sensei Hoover, in fact, have a common teacher. For many years they both trained under Master Tim Hawk.

They discuss how martial arts are seamlessly woven into the fabric of their lives. Hear about:

  • The 45 degree angle principle to get a different perspective on things

  • The hurricane concept, and how remaining calm when faced with “high winds” and dynamic activity can help you “weather the storm”

Have you ever taken a step back and by physically observing something from a different angle the situation changed? If so, give us the details in the comments.

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