Ep 033 - Anticipation Leads to a Greater Quality of Life

Sensei Hoover and Steve Mittman talk about anticipation. Is anticipating something good, bad, or neither? Anticipation leads to preparedness. Preparedness allows one to handle a situation more effectively. It puts time on one's side. Time is the most valuable commodity anyone has. With more time we have more distance. With more distance there is greater security and safety. That equals a greater quality of life. As with everything discussed on Attack Life, Not Others — this applies to everything that everyone may encounter in their day-to-day activities.

Anticipation = Preparedness = Time = Distance = Safety = Self-Preservation = Greater Quality of Life

As Sensei Hoover says in this episode, "Anticipation is what we're supposed to do if the information is available," and also, "Keep your guard up against anything that's going to take your quality of life down."

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Ep 032 - Sparring vs Fighting

Ep 032 - Sparring vs Fighting

Sensei Hoover and Steve Mittman talk about Combat Chaos™ — the self-protection/self-defense curriculum Steve instructs at HKA. Then they get into the difference between sparring in a respectful, controlled, class environment and a real fight — where it can be pure chaos with all kinds of uncontrollable variables. While on the surface, this may seem strictly “martial arts talk” — remember practically everything discussed on this show can be carried over to everyday living. For instance, whether we’re talking a fight or a random day in our lives — chances are it will be chaotic. As Jimmy Mozz, a guest on an earlier episode said at 3:35 into it, “You can’t control other people. You are in control of one thing — your response." A lot of that has to do with strengthening one’s self-discipline, as we’ve also discussed before.

Can you think of a situation you’ve been in where the way you chose to respond to it made the difference between it being a tragedy and an opportunity for growth? Let us know in the Comments below. Also we’d love for you to connect with us on HKA’s Facebook page, and be sure to subscribe to Attack Life, Not Others on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

Ep 031 - Watch Your Back, An Example of CEE in Action

Ep 031.PNG

As we've discussed before, in addition to Hoover Karate Academy, Sensei Hoover owns and operates a private detective agency — Confidential Investigations, Inc. He shares a recent occurrence where the situation could have ended much differently. It's a perfect example of our CEE principle in action. You might not be a private investigator, but it's safe to say you could find many things in your day-to-day activities where CEE could improve your life, increase your efficiency and effectiveness, and even make you a better person.

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Ep 030 - Never Forget Your Roots


"Never forget where you came from — but don't let that stop you from where you're going." Hear a story that was told to Sensei Hoover by one of his instructors decades ago. You'll see how profound it is and why it has stuck with him all these years. Sensei Hoover also talks about some memories from one of his belt tests as he was ranking up to eventually become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. If for no other reason, listen to hear how moisture from a toilet played a part in getting him through the test!

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Ep 028 - Self-Defense and The Law with Judge Robert Steinberg, Part 2


Here is the final part in our series about the law and self-protection. Sensei Hoover continues the discussion with Judge Steinberg, as they go into more specifics with the castle doctrine, also known as a castle law. In the midst of this very serious topic there's a rather funny story thrown in as well; we think you'll enjoy it. If you missed Part 1 of the conversation with Judge Steinberg, make sure to check it out. And you'll also want to listen to the first part of this series where we set the stage for this entire discussion by revealing CEE — Commit, Execute, and Evaluate.

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Ep 027 - Self-Defense and The Law with Judge Robert Steinberg

Ep 027 - Self-Defense and The Law with Judge Robert Steinberg

Our discussion about self-protection and the law continues in this episode, part 2 in a series of 3. Last week we set the stage, and now Judge Steinberg of Lehigh County, PA joins us. Self-defense is defined as the right to prevent suffering force or violence through the use of a sufficient level of counteracting force or violence. This definition seems pretty straightforward, however, very rarely is that the case when applied to actual situations. You'll learn exactly what constitutes a sufficient level of force or violence when defending oneself, and what would be considered force beyond that level. What if the victim provoked or instigated the attack? Is one required by law to retreat from a violent situation if possible? What happens when someone perceives a threat even if the threat doesn’t actually exist? And what if someone's perception of an attack is subjectively genuine, but objectively unjustified?

As you'll hear, we recorded this interview several years ago, yet hadn't aired it yet. After all this time, we had it scheduled to be released this week. The timing is uncanny, as it happens to be very timely information that many people in and around South Whitehall Township (about an hour north of Philadelphia and where our podcast originates) will appreciate because of the recent police-involved fatal shooting on Hamilton Blvd near Dorney Park.

By listening to this episode, you'll have a better understanding of why Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin has decided to charge the police officer with voluntary manslaughter.

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