Ep 055 - Using Our Hands and Meaningful Relationships

Ep 055 - Using Our Hands and Meaningful Relationships

Here are some of the topics on this episode:

  • Faith, family, and friends

  • The definition of “martial arts”

  • Strength through relationships, tribes, and “villages”

  • Keeping life simple — learning what’s real and what’s not

  • Human hands are used in many ways and for many purposes

  • Our hands can be used in a destructive way or in a peaceful manner

  • Life is chaotic — we're on a “collision course” all the time — whether we like it or not

  • Some of these “collisions” are good, some aren’t — but the better we get in navigating through life’s chaos, the better off we will be

  • Communication in society today is structured where we are being removed from direct, immediate contact to avoid "bumping" into people

  • While sometimes a situation calls for the avoidance of chaos, doing it all the time destroys our ability to effectively handle adversity when it arrives

  • Discussion on the words "transference" and "experience" while previewing next week's episode with Marine Corps Veteran Anthony Droz from Outward Bound

Tell us about a fantastic experience you’ve had that you did not plan.

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