Ep 044 - Relationship, Leadership, Hardship

Out of an impromptu talk with a teenage black belt came the discussion for this episode:

    It’s important to cultivate REAL relationships. People are in our lives either for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Learn the difference.

    Leadership is like an arrow. The arrow’s tip (the leader) must have mass behind it (quality relationships), otherwise it’s nothing. Find good leaders and mentors (ones with no hidden agendas). Follow them and emulate them.

    Realize that not only WILL you fail, you NEED to fail in order to grow. Endure hardship. Know that there WILL be suffering at times. We must learn and grow (mentally, physically, and/or spiritually) from failure and suffering. Last week we talked about remaining calm to “weather the storm.”

Here’s the video “The Millennial Question” from Simon Sinek that we talk about:

Tell us about a relationship (good or bad) that has changed your life. Is there/was there a strong leader that you learned from? What hardship changed you and made you grow as a person? Tell us in the comments.

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