Ep 043 - Martial Arts Philosophy Applied in Everyday Life with Sensei Tim Spiess

If you’ve heard our show before you’ll know we use principles from the martial arts as the foundation for discussion, but in a way so that the concepts can be appreciated by everyone — even those who are NOT martial artists. Our show is intended for anyone who’s looking to live a healthier, cleaner, more vibrant, fulfilling life and become a better, stronger person.

We continue to follow that format, however, if you ARE a martial artist you’ll really appreciate this episode. Sensei Tim Speiss, who is also a federal agent, is another very experienced, accomplished martial artist. He and Sensei Hoover, in fact, have a common teacher. For many years they both trained under Master Tim Hawk.

They discuss how martial arts are seamlessly woven into the fabric of their lives. Hear about:

  • The 45 degree angle principle to get a different perspective on things

  • The hurricane concept, and how remaining calm when faced with “high winds” and dynamic activity can help you “weather the storm”

Have you ever taken a step back and by physically observing something from a different angle the situation changed? If so, give us the details in the comments.

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