Ep 065 - Live In The Moment

Ep 065 - Live In The Moment, Steve Mittman, Tim Hoover, Bernie Garber

If you’re going to listen to only one episode, this might be the one to “reset” the way you view your life. Our guest — Life Coach, Dr Bernie — explains how the only true reality is the present moment. Hear why he says every moment of every day is your chance to be “reborn.” He shares his “closet story” along with what he’s determined to be our purpose here on earth. Other key takeaways include:

  • The importance of being a good soul and helping others

  • If there’s something you don’t like about yourself — you can change — right now

  • Why most of us don't know how to activate what we already have in our possession

  • Once you learn to activate your innate knowledge you will understand your existence

  • Time is an illusion; you can’t hold on to anything; all you have is the moment — and in that moment you can change

  • The past is gone, it’s in the “quicksand of time” — it holds nothing over you, and has no relevance other than memories

  • Everybody makes mistakes; the beauty of living in the moment is those mistakes are in the past; learn from them and move on — because you have no other choice anyway

Do you have any suggestions or ways you’ve found that help you be more “in the moment?”

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