Ep 059 - The Way of The Warrior

Ep 059 - The Way of The Warrior

It was on this date — March 21st — one year ago that we launched Attack Life, Not Others. By now you know there are several principles that much of what we talk about is based on. One of those fundamentals is the way of the peaceful warrior. There are many things outside our control. Often all we can control is not letting anyone steal our peace. On this episode we talk about that and more, including:

  • What is the martial arts mindset?

  • Why is it important for everyone to have?

  • How can we get better at “fighting the fight?”

  • As a warrior you become strong for yourself, for your family, and for others

  • We should strive to be constantly aware — not to be paranoid, but to be aware

  • With better awareness we have more time and space to effectively handle situations

After listening to Tim’s story of purchasing the DVD at Best Buy, do you have a similar story where you kicked yourself because you wish you handled something with a better response?

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