Ep 077 - How to Reduce Anxiety with Dr Jarrod Spencer

Ep 077 - How to Reduce Anxiety with Dr Jarrod Spencer

Anxiety is something we all deal with to some degree. What most people don’t realize is how dangerous and detrimental it can be if it’s allowed to grow. It can get out of control, lead to other issues, and ruin lives. Dr Jarrod Spencer from Mind of the Athlete, LLC is back again to offer his expertise on how to reduce anxiety. Some of the things discussed include:

  • Why for the first time in history an entire generation is over-scheduled and overwhelmed

  • One of the commonalities of poor sleep and anxiety is cell phone addiction

  • What the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are

  • We can't stop feeling anxious if we don't first get better sleep

  • If you’re feeling anxious, what the best way to relax is

In case you missed it, last week Jarrod gave us ways to keep our emotional energy high and positive — thereby avoiding depression. He’s also told us how high performers focus. In Ep 073 he went into more detail on how important good sleep is. Contact him if you’re interested in his keynote speech for business leaders or his signature keynote speech for athletes.

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