Ep 070 - The Ten Rules for Fighting

Ep 070 - The Ten Rules for Fighting

Sensei Steve Turoscy joins us to share the 10 Rules for Fighting he has devised over the years. Not only do these principles apply to the martial arts, but to everyday life, as the case is with all discussions on the show. Listen and hear how these universal concepts played a major role in helping Steve combat adversity a few years ago.

The 10 Rules for Fighting:

  1. Always be in control.

  2. When anger arises, think of the consequences.

  3. Master the basics and you will be a good fighter.

  4. Technique before speed — not speed without technique.

  5. You can’t think and hit at the same time.

  6. If an attacker is within striking distance, then so are you.

  7. Even a poor chess player will sometimes make a remarkable move.

  8. Train like you fight and fight like you train.

  9. You cannot be a good fighter if you are always afraid of what might happen.

  10. Be diverse — set yourself up for success.

Steve Mittman, Steve Turoscy, Tim Hoover

Steve Mittman, Steve Turoscy, Tim Hoover

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