Ep 039 - No Need To Act Tough, Find Your Comfort

We all need something that comforts us. If you don’t have someone, something, or some place — you MUST find one. Having a source of comfort allows one to handle uncomfortable moments. Just like the song “Turn! Turn! Turn!” says, “There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn), and a time to every purpose under Heaven” — there is a time to be a “tough guy or gal” and a time to not be. Being kind, compassionate, loving, thoughtful, and considerate, does NOT make a person any less tough. In fact, embracing those traits makes us even stronger — stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually. Having a comfort zone is one of the ways you can deal with being uncomfortable.

No need to “act” tough. True strength comes from within when you own your space. A peaceful warrior is a good soul — a good person — and one who doesn’t care what others think about them.

What’s your source of comfort? You heard Sensei Hoover mention relaxing with his wife. Steve mentioned his daughter’s Hello Kitty thermos. Comment below — or reach out and let us know privately with the Form on the right.

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