Ep 035 - Learn to Get Comfortable in An Uncomfortable Situation

Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

  • EMBRACE being uncomfortable — and find a way to make it comfortable

  • Getting out of your comfort zone is the ONLY way to get more out of life, to be successful, or to possibly get out of a rut

  • Contrary to what you might believe — happy, content, passionate, successful people are not always comfortable

  • Becoming comfortable in your own skin and becoming stronger — is only achieved by forcing yourself to deal with uncomfortable situations

“The moment will arrive when you are comfortable with who you are, and what you are — bald or old or fat or poor, successful or struggling — when you don't feel the need to apologize for anything or to deny anything. To be comfortable in your own skin is the beginning of strength.” — Charles Handy

“When we get too comfortable, we stop dreaming.” — Joyce Rachelle

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” — Unknown

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