Ep 026 - Commit, Execute, Evaluate (CEE)


We reveal CEE — Commit, Execute, and Evaluate. CEE is another principle Sensei Hoover has developed as a reminder how to go about handling anything that is valued. Obviously, defending one's life is of great importance and value — so is getting that job, improving that relationship, making more money, and getting healthier. These are just a few examples of things we value. Although just because we value something, that doesn't mean we have the tools necessary to see it through. Understanding and implementing CEE will help you achieve your goal(s). We also set the stage for the next 2 weeks when we will have the Honorable Robert L Steinberg on the show. Hear how the state of Pennsylvania looks at our right to self-protection. In the next 2 episodes Judge Steinberg will go into further detail on the castle doctrine, also known as the castle law, which in PA (and certain other states) provides protections and immunities in a person's home and vehicle permitting, in certain circumstances, the use of force (up to and including deadly force) to defend against an intruder.

This episode and the next couple are very timely, especially with this past week's police-involved fatal shooting on Hamilton Blvd across the street from Dorney Park in South Whitehall Township. Our podcast, which is heard around the world, happens to originate in South Whitehall. This shooting is making headlines all over. In fact, because of it, #SouthWhitehall is currently trending on Twitter. Was the police officer acting within his right to defend himself? Or was the shooting unjustified and a case of police brutality? That is for the Lehigh County DA and investigators to determine officially. But after listening to this episode, and once you hear the facts involved, you'll have a better understanding of the ruling.

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