Ep 025 - Do or Do Not, There Is No Try


The best defense when being attacked, is going on the offense as quickly as possible. That could mean going on the offense with violence greater than the attacker's, or actively and purposefully removing yourself from the situation. Either way, you are taking charge of the situation at hand. Sensei Hoover and Steve Mittman discuss ring generalship in boxing — the ability of a boxer to dictate the pace, style, and tactics of a bout. The definition of ring generalship includes:

  • having the ability to quickly grasp and take advantage of every opportunity offered

  • the capacity to cope with all kinds of situations which may arise

  • to foresee and neutralize an opponent’s method of attack

Once again, these principles can be applied to everyday life — not just martial arts or fighting. And they are further examples of what is meant when we say Attack Life, Not Others!

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