Ep 018 - What You Think Grows Upon You, The Journey Field

The day this episode was recorded, it happened to be "What You Think Grows Upon You Day." Sensei Hoover and Steve Mittman talk about focusing thoughts and manifesting things into existence. This, in fact, is how the Journey Field at HKA came about. Life is a journey. Enjoy the journey. The journey field represents that. It's important to control your thoughts, because whatever you focus on — good or bad — you'll start seeing more of in your life. However, thinking about something alone doesn't necessarily bring it into being. Combine it with taking action, and that's a powerful combo. For instance, focusing on restored health isn’t necessarily going to make all illnesses go away. But focusing on health and making healthy choices may allow for healing and health to occur. Certainly the opposite is also true. Focusing on pain, will reinforce the strength of that pain. You will notice more the impact of that pain. You will focus on the unfairness of that pain. Again, the goal is always to focus our energy and thoughts toward the positive, all the while enjoying the journey.

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