Ep 007 - There Are No Rules in Reality-Based Martial Arts? We Beg To Differ

In a reality-based martial arts system, there are no rules. Or are there? When one immerses him or herself in a RBMA, it filters through and translates to everything in their life. There are no rules in the context of competition or combat — however, everything matters. From the way you eat, to how you sleep, to how you conduct your life in general — everything matters. So in reality, there are rules — self-imposed rules to make one a better, stronger human being. Using a reality-based martial arts system as the foundation, welcome to a "reality-based podcast." Our pledge is to keep it real, speak from the heart, and share what we've learned over many decades. Get ready for the next couple episodes. We're bringing in a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist to talk about what's best to eat — both before and after you train or work out. Whether you're an elite-level athlete or a weekend warrior — you'll hear what in reality is optimal for your body.

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