Ep 056 - What Is Your Passion? What Is Your Purpose?

Ep 056 - What Is Your Passion? What Is Your Purpose? Anthony Droz

“The key to life is service; not to a device, but to your home and humanity.”

“We each have a choice to make when confronted with hardship, but what we do before that can make it easier.” — Anthony Droz

On last week’s episode we talked about how our human hands are used in many ways — for both destructive and peaceful purposes. On today’s episode Tim Hoover and Steve Mittman are honored to have Marine Corps Veteran Anthony Droz from Outward Bound as their special guest. Some amazing and profound topics are discussed, some of which include:

  • Energy vampires and positive-energy providers

  • Why and how you’re actually hurting someone if you enable them to be unhappy

  • The “warrior ethos” — what it isn’t — and feeling secure and comfortable in your skin

  • The martial arts are NOT about getting “banged up” — rethink your training if that’s your take on it

  • How and why you must maintain the warrior ethos, otherwise you lose it — as the case with anything important in life

  • Who does Anthony believe was mentally, physically, and spiritually evolved in a way that we, today, can not even fathom

  • Proof of how responsibility, challenge, and adversity leads to one becoming stronger mentally and physically — and creates confident, self-reliant individuals

  • We’ve talked before about the importance of embracing being uncomfortable; Anthony further reminds us of how that’s the place where we learn to grow and thrive

  • The concept of the different belts in the martial arts — changing color and leading up to a black belt by itself — simply by training and being engaged with the elements

  • Why keeping a fire is similar in many ways to finding, nurturing, and continually pursuing your purpose here in this world — “What is your passion? What is your purpose?”

After listening to this episode, what are your thoughts on the words "transference" and "experience?" What single word would you use to sum up this experience we call life?

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