Ep 036 - True Mastery is When The World Comes to You

We’ve talked before about becoming comfortable in your own skin and how to deal with uncomfortable situations. “Owning your space” is self-explanatory when it comes to the physical. If someone invades your space with intent to harm your physical body — it’s obvious that self-defense could, and should, be used. No one has the right to touch you with bad intent, and certainly not hurt you — physically.

But think about this. On a metaphysical level, how often do you let people “hurt” you? Make no mistake about it. If they pull you into “their space” — by influencing you to think something or participate in something that deep down inside you know isn’t the right thing, the safe thing, or simply the good thing to do — you are allowing them to harm you. It definitely harms you spiritually, but possibly mentally and even physically as well.

The world is full of bullies. They will draw you into their negative space. They will eagerly invite you into their inappropriate conversation. Or they will pull you into their low level of vibration by imposing their will. Some know they are being a bully. Others don’t even realize they are bullying. Either way, they can’t do it if you don’t let them. Don’t engage. You be the “Master” by owning your space. Let them come to you, not the other way around. In other words, be a leader — not a follower.

Comment below about a situation where you did something you know wasn’t in your best interest, yet you did it anyway because you allowed someone to impose their will on you.

Has there been a time that you consciously chose NOT to engage in something that would have had negative effects? Did you instantly feel better? Comment below — or reach out privately via the Form on the right!

If you know someone that is dealing with bullying — PLEASE share this episode with them. It just might make all the difference in the world.

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