Ep 068 - There Are No Coincidences, Trust Your Instincts

Ep 068 - There Are No Coincidences, Trust Your Instincts

The last two weeks we told the story about tragedy and survival — Episode 066 and Episode 067. Truth be told Tim and Steve weren’t even sure to begin with if they wanted to discuss it — because of the painful, sensitive subject matter. This week, the plan was to pivot and move on to another topic. However, the universe had something else in mind. Feedback validating it was good to have the conversation with Eddie came in many forms. This included a message from a gentleman named Anthony — a message that brought tears to our eyes and exposed a story about Eddie Yurickones, Jr that even his family didn’t know about.

There are way too many variables involved in bringing that message into existence that it’s coincidental. Notice how many times Eddie said the word “focus.” If you ever needed proof that by focusing on positive thoughts a person can bring positive experiences into their life, today’s episode is your proof. For this reason we talk about the Law of Attraction, manifesting more good in the world, and how everything is energy with our special guest Carrie Beleno — Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher, author, podcaster, and speaker. Our discussion also includes:

  • Why anxiety is so dangerous

  • Why it's important to trust your instinct

  • What Reiki is and how it’s relevant to all of us

  • The movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark coming to theaters in August

”Intuition is our direct line to our higher self.” — Carrie Beleno

“Your gut knows what’s up, trust it.” — Anonymous

Tell us about a time you trusted your instinct and were proven right to do so. Has there been a time where you should have trusted your gut, but you didn’t?

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