Ep 048 - Larry Holmes, Against The Odds

mike mittman, larry holmes

Larry Holmes, Hall of Fame Heavyweight Champion, is the topic of discussion as Mike Mittman, Steve’s dad, joins us on the show. Mike has a unique perspective and exclusive insight into both the iconic career of The Easton Assassin, and also the personal side of the boxing legend. Some of the things you'll hear include:

  • How and why Larry became a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier

  • As discussed in last week's episode, Larry didn't believe in "almost" doing something

  • How Holmes turned a negative into a positive after Frazier broke his ribs while sparring

  • The inside story of the severe bicep injury Larry incurred right before his heavyweight championship fight with Ken Norton — and the handicap he had going into that fight that no one knew about until after Larry won the WBC Heavyweight Title

  • How to apply some of the spirit, the work ethic, and determination that Larry Holmes has so that you, too, can be a champ and not a chump

Why do you think some people have the fortitude such as Larry Holmes does and others simply give up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you happen to have a question for the Hall of Fame Heavyweight Champion let us know that too. We’ll ask Larry for you and give you his answer in an upcoming episode!

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